1. Kitchen #1 After
    Kitchen #1 After
    From a red mahogany kitchen to an Expresso dark brown stain
  2. Kitchen #1 Before
    Kitchen #1 Before
    Before a red mahogany stained kitchen
  3. Project #2 Before
    Project #2 Before
    From a honey stained kitchen
  4. Project #2 After
    Project #2 After
  5. Project #2 After
    Project #2 After
  6. Project #2 After
    Project #2 After
  7. Project #2 After
    Project #2 After
    Kitchen transformed to a solid CC-40 Cloud white

Your options are endless at Finish Pro Paints Ltd.

At Finish Pro Paints Ltd. we provide a wide range of finishing services. We can custom finish your kitchen, vanities, wall-units, furniture or glass fixtures.  We only use the best in industrial materials solvents or water-base products.  Our staff at Finish Pro Paints Ltd, are also well experienced in a variety of artistic finishes such as: Gold and Silver leafing, antiquing, French Ceruse, crackling and water base glass painting. 
From changing the color of your kitchen cabinets to preparing gold or silver leaf chairs for your wedding, the options are endless!